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Bittorrent is a technology that allows for the easy distribution of data. This makes it a controversial technology since it is so easy and powerful that it is also used to distribute  copyrighted material. A couple of interesting aspects of this technology are that as more people download from the same .torrent key file, they must share the data that they have downloaded, and they contribute to the speed of download available – creating a ‘torrent’ of data.

Below is a brief mention of some projects that use this revolutionary technology in a legal and constructive manner:


ClearBits provides hosting and distribution for open licensed media.

We distribute high quality, open-licensed (Creative Commons) digital media, datasets, and artwork for Content Creators. We host creative content in its entirety, ensure fast, reliable downloads, and enable users to directly sponsor Content Creators and their work.

We distribute content with permission from the rights holders and use the open standard, peer-to-peer file sharing technology called Bittorrent. We have been in operation since 2003; previous to 2010, the site was called LegalTorrents.
Using Bittorrent potential for the next generation of media creation.


VODO helps promote and distribute new creative works all over the world & enables those enjoying shared media to make donations to creators.
We bring together creators looking for an effective way to distribute their work with file-sharing sites willing to help promote it and get it out. We call this coalition of P2P sites the Distribution Coalition, or DISCO.
Ever wonder what might happen to those old vintage films from ?  Well some of them have ended up here:


software distribution

Entire operating systems are available for download via .torrent files. Some Linux distributions you can torrent:



Selected References:



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